"If they keep quiet, the stones themselves will start shouting.”

One God Note #568
Jesus answered, “I tell you that if they keep quiet, the stones themselves will start shouting.” Luke 19:40.
Dear Piotr,
Thank you for sending the One God Notes.
I would like to know what was meant by the one above?
greetings and blessings,
Annemui Essink-Duindam
Dear Annemui,
thank you for posting your question. It gave me an impulse to start this blog - something I meant to do for quite some time. After all I have been sending these Notes for over ten years and this one carries the number 568.
In this Note I give a short quotation from Gospel of Luke (19:40). This is quite a popular reading for Palm Sunday. It describes how Jesus enters Jerusalem shortly before his crucifixion. I have to assert at this point that I am not a theologian and my interpretation of this event and the words of Jesus is purely intuitive. It seems to me that at this point of his mission Jesus knew, or had strong premonition about, what was to happen. Apparently, he tried to forewarn his disciples though they had hard time understanding or even believing him.
It seems to me that Jesus was the only person fully aware at this point of the UNIVERSAL MAGNITUDE of his upcoming suffering and VICTORY OVER DEATH. He knew (or sensed) that his humble death on the cross and resurrection will OPEN A NEW CHAPTER for the whole humankind - a saving way for all people irrespectively of their ethnic, cultural or other backgrounds. It seems to me that he sensed that the Whole Universe was rejoicing because of this upcoming Christ-Event - all sentient and non-sentient beings, in fact, every particle of the Universe.
This is what he meant, I think, when he metaphorically referred to "the stones" as having to "start shouting." In this context it could also be interesting to bring up the words of Haidakhan Babaji who referred to stones as "doing penance." Let me use the whole quotation. Babaji says:
"The moving of stones from one place to another (this refers to the work going on at the site of the speech) is for your concentration and spiritual growth. When the insentient stones, which are lying here, become moved, Babaji installs in them a new consciousness. The stones are not lying here without purpose; they are also doing penance. By touching these stones, we receive a vibration of Higher Consciousness. We don't see anything outwardly, but this contact changes our body, mind, and spirit." (25 March 1982)
This seems to suggest that stones are not as inanimate objects as we used to think!. :-)

So we are approaching yet another Easter, Annemui, the holiday that, similarly to Christmas, has been very much commercialized. It has been associated with bunnies and eggs. I thought it would be proper to use this quotation to remind us all of the scale of what we are about to celebrate. After all, Annemui, if we keep quiet ... the stones themselves may start shouting! :-)

In Truth, Simplicity and Love, Piotr.


  1. Dear Piotr,
    I love to read your quotes. Sometimes it changes my point of view in personal situations at exactly the right time.

    Your explanation above really touched my heart. In silence I will walk in the supermarket between the bunnies and eggs, thinking about what really happened that time long ago.

    Some years ago I was in Herakhan. It was Christmas. I walked to the Gufa side. The river was very low and the rocks were lying in the blazing sun. I looked stream up, as far as I could look I saw stones. At that moment I had a strong realization that every rock had a soul. It was very confronting and difficult to keep on looking.
    It must have been too much to realize, back then, what the crucifixion and ressurrection was really about.
    What Jesus said was very loving.
    Happy Easter!

  2. Hello Piotr,
    Congratulations on your new blog site. Very nice, indeed.

    Keep up the wonderful work of sharing your quotes and offering your perspective.

    Blessings, Carol

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